The Embodied Woman Series: Spring Grounding Meditation

Today is the first in a series I’m calling the Embodied Woman!

I am loving the sunshine and the renewing energy of spring. This time of year makes me want to lay out in the sunshine (even if it’s 50°) like a basking lizard :-)


Can you believe these gorgeous budding Japanese magnolias are now unfolding into magnificent, creamy magenta bursts of spring throughout the DC area?! They always remind me that even when I feel like hope is nowhere in sight about something (because, who doesn’t have those days) the spring, both metaphorically and literally always returns.

What supports your growth in the spring? I love being outside and centering with mindful movement. Below you’ll find a quick earthing meditation to help you release stale energy and replenish you with the grounding energy of the Earth in a pinch. This is great to do if you’re short on time and needing to get back to your center.

Try this exercise:

Stand in the grass in a quiet place, preferably barefoot or with socks on where you can take a few minutes without interruption. If you can’t get outside, simply stand in bare feet and imagine connecting your feet with the Earth beneath the floor where you’re standing.

Notice the temperature, texture and physical sensation of your feet firmly planted into the earth. Notice the sounds around you and feel of the air on your skin, taking in your surroundings.

Breathing in, visualize beautiful roots forming through your feet that reach deep into the core of the earth, anchoring you. Feel the support of the earth as you begin to breathe deeply in and out through the nose. As you breathe, push down deeply into the earth with your feet, strengthening your roots.

Explore how the placement of your feet into the earth centers you body. Gently ask yourself, “what does it feel like in my body when I am centered?” Be curious about any adjustments in posture your body is asking you to make as you find your center point. Continue this process of earthing and aligning for 8 counts or more.

On the next inhale, feel into your system and breathe into any points of emotional or physical tension or resistance as you raise your arms above your head like a tree reaching towards the sun.

Exhale fully out through your mouth using lion’s breath as you lower your arms with palms facing downwards towards the earth. As your arms come down, send stagnant energy down from the crown of your head all the way down through the bottom of your feet into the earth. Breathe into the sensation of release in your body.

As you rise back up, imagine the earth sending nourishment up through your roots, through your feet all the way up through your entire body as your hands rise upward towards the sky like a tree meeting the sun. Feel your body being regenerated. Continue this sequence for 8 counts or more.

If you notice any resistance throughout the process just notice it and soften your body allowing them to be there—it’s totally normal. Part of doing this exercise is to train the brain to feel, move through and release physical and emotional discomfort. Think of this as practice!

Take note of any shifts that may have occurred in your body as you complete the exercise. Seal your practice by expressing gratitude to the earth, to yourself and any and all forces and beings who support you in your life.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you want more mindful movement, join me for Qoya class Saturday May 18th from 10am-12pm at the Dance Loft on 14th. The topic is Nurturance, and we will focus our movement on nurturing our process of growth as we expand into this light filled season.  I would love for you to join me. Click here to sign up!

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