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Somewhere along the way, things got hard

It’s often impossible to prioritize what matters most - your relationships, your own spirit, and the contribution you long to make to the world.

You’ve worked hard to build a life filled with love and meaning, yet somehow you feel exhausted and anxious rather than fulfilled.

You feel distant from your own body, your own partner, your own passion, and things you know to be true.

Amidst the pressure to be good enough, strong enough, brave enough, and successful enough, you feel like you’ve lost track of so much of the good stuff.

What if you could release the shoulds, the expectations, and the anxieties that keep you from fully embodying your vibrancy and falling in love with life?

What if you could lead with lovingkindness and find a way to stand in your sovereign strength, all at the same time?

It’s Time for Some Radical Transformation

This is your chance to reconnect with yourself at a soul level &
reignite the heart-deep connection in your relationship



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Hi, I’m Erin Nes, licensed marriage and family therapist.

I am also a healer of hearts and an agent for fierce, compassionate transformation.

In my Bethesda, MD office, I offer counseling to individual women and couples who want to find their way through the fear, the disconnection, the conflict, and the stress. 

I know what it’s like feel alone and unsure of what to do. You’ve tried and hoped and pushed. You’ve read the books and talked stuff over with friends. Maybe you’ve seen other therapists in the past too, but you still feel stuck. It’s time to begin a new journey, one that is designed to heal your particular shadows and honor your personal quest for the light.

The work you'll do on the therapy couch is just the beginning. Using a variety of interactive methods, such as meditation, expressive arts, and body-based psychotherapy, your journey to healing will expand your body, mind and spirit. There’s more about my approach to Therapy Beyond the Couch here.

I also create and curate group experiences. We're talking everything from women's circles to equine healing retreats to ecstatic dance classes. Let’s move beyond just talking about your issues to embodying real, transformative change.

Let’s create a custom healing journey just for you.


Therapy for Women

Let's get real and dive into your light.
Healing in therapy isn't about "fixing" yourself
or solving a problem.

It's about coming home to yourself.

Therapy for Couples

Rekindle your spark. Communicate. Be understood. Learn how to create and maintain strong bonds based on love and trust.

Grow together. Come through stronger than ever.

Couples Therapy for One

Coming to therapy on your own to talk about your relationship can be a powerful step.

This is a great option if you’re not ready to ask
your partner to come to therapy.


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Are you sober curious?

You are so much more than your addiction. This twice-monthly circle for women offers the support you’ve been looking for to shift your relationship with alcohol.

Coming Soon!
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Looking for something different from your regular therapy session?

Interested in alternative methods for introspection and healing? Erin offers online coaching sessions that accommodate your schedule and focus on your desire to do the soul work that changes your life.




Qoya is a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember.

Qoya with Erin offers a gentle yet oh-so empowering new paradigm for being in your body in a way that feels good to you so that you can begin to enjoy the skin you're in.

Your body is a portal for connecting with your deepest wisdom.

Qoya is the sacred container here to hold you and guide you and move with you through the process of healing and awakening your truth.

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This is not your mama’s therapy.

This is off-the-couch, fully embodied modern transformation.

Join Erin as she leads a group of empowered and strong women in:

  • Qoya: a form of dance designed help you connect with and trust your body and discover your most authentic form of movement.

  • Women’s circles to celebrate healing and the cycles of life.

  • Day and weekend equine healing retreats at the horse stables for both couples and individuals.


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