Therapy for Women

Let's Get Real.

When did you start to trade your tenderness, your humanness, your truth for the sake of strength and survival?

When did you start to believe you were only going to make it in this town, in this relationship, through this life if you were armored up and buttoned up?

When did you start working overtime to ignore your anxiety that everything might fall apart if you weren’t perfect or if you didn’t have control all the time?

When did you stop speaking up about what you want and need for the sake of making other people happy?

Put simply, when did you start hiding your super powers?

Somewhere along the line, you felt like you had to trade the soft pink heart of who you really are for the beige pumps of a successful, invincible woman, or for the cool confidence of someone on Facebook who has “made it,” or the image of the perfect Pinterest mom.

You began to believe that you were never supposed to let them see you sweat, and certainly never let them see you cry. You learned to swallow your feelings and put your needs on the back burner.

I get it, you felt you needed to do all this. It was the wisest way to protect yourself in toxic relationships and environments. It felt necessary when you were growing up, on the dating scene, at the office or in friendships where you felt inadequate just being yourself.

Maybe you got too good at looking like you had it all together. You lost track of your real feelings and passions and you got used to entering every room like you’re heading into battle. This can make it impossible to create and sustain romantic partnerships, feel good at work, or be the person your want to be for your family.

Or, maybe you’ve quit trying to be superwoman. You’re drowning in your fears and insecurities and can’t remember what it was like to be free of the constant feeling of “not enough.” Whether it’s your partner, your kids, or your boss, everyone seems to realize they can steamroll past your boundaries and treat you however they want. All you seem to do is clean up everyone else's messes and hold everyone's hand while they go through their own hard things.

This is your invitation to reclaim your tenderness and your strength, your emotions and your intuition.

This is your time to heal the hurt, return to your essence and realign your life and relationships with your soul’s deepest knowing.

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You worry that you might break down under all the pressure to be and do more and to say less about how you really feel. The thoughts of reclaiming all these lost parts of yourself can seem really scary, but what if it wasn't so hard?

What if you could ask for help and get support from someone who’s been there and gets how you feel without an ounce of judgment?

What if you could connect with someone who can hold space for you while you rediscover yourself and lean into your growing edges?

What if taking care of yourself really is the best thing you can do to take care of others?

Healing in therapy isn't about "fixing" yourself,

It's about coming home to yourself.

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Erin is a uniquely gifted, compassionate therapist. Our sessions have equipped me to start to become the lawyer, wife and mom that I always had the sense that I could be—but that always felt just out of my reach. Erin’s emphasis on attachment, self-care and the importance of living authentically has helped me to start to break from toxic patterns with which my family has lived for decades and that were haunting my own marriage and family. Therapy can be hard work. But (and!) the benefits for my own life and my family have been tremendous. I feel very lucky to have been able to work with Erin and cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Anonymous, Washington, DC
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