Couples Therapy for One

Sometimes, you need support just to say “I think we should go to couples therapy.”

You know there’s deep love and connection in your relationship, but certain things are tough to talk about.

Certain emotions, events from the past, or the idea of going to someone for help can seem “off limits.”

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If you’re ready to start exploring what’s working and what’s not working in your relationship but your partner isn’t, you can begin with solo sessions that will empower you to take the next step, whatever that may be.

Or maybe you’re not ready to bring up couples therapy to your partner at all.

Whenever you’re feeling upset or disconnected, you find yourself asking:

Is this a ‘me thing’ or an ‘us thing’?

That’s such a good question. Pain from the past, anxiety, and a lack of self-love could all drive you to question a positive, nurturing relationship. And it can be hard to truly trust someone if you have trouble trusting yourself

Coming to therapy by yourself can help you answer the question “are we ok?” and help you decide if it’s time to focus on healing the relationship and yourself through individual or couples work.

And, through counseling you just might realize that it’s not you. Therapy can help you feel strong enough to end the relationship and find a partnership that truly sustains you.