Hey, Wild Woman!

Are you hungry for some delicious meaning, freedom, connection and realness in your life? 

Before you say, "Yeah, but who has time for that?" and return to the demands of "adulting," let me ask you this: 

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to be wildly, unabashedly yourself?

Not the "nice girl" version of yourself who puts on a good face, but the real, unfiltered you?

Inside, there’s a you that is sensuous, joyful, adventurous, creative, playful and at ease with the ebbs and flows of life.

What stops you from embracing that version of you, from BEING her?

Maybe you're afraid of rejection. Maybe you've been told you need to be "practical." Maybe a sense of unworthiness got baked into your being once upon at time. 

Girrrrrrrrrrl, I'm here to tell you something:

You are beautiful, powerful, and worthy of love and success.

It's time for you to find your bodacious, joy-filled, warrior goddess self - whoever you conceive her to be.

Before we start talking about how you can start choosing creativity and flow rather than overthinking and control, let me introduce myself. I'm Erin Nes, licensed marriage and family therapist and soulful, bad ass unicorn. I am here to empower you with the tools you need on your journey towards self-love.

Together, we're going to radically reframe this whole idea of self-care. We're not talking about using affirmations that don't mean anything or relying on the occasional mani-pedi to solve everything  


We're talking about starting a personal revolution of honesty, self-compassion and inspired action in your everyday life that honors who you are. 

It's about RETURNING to yourself.  

RECLAIMING your narrative & your soul-deep story. 

And BECOMING even more of who you are meant to be.

Where will you begin?



Join us for a Qoya class— a feminine form of expressive, therapeutic dance designed for all body types and levels to help you embody your most authentic Self!


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