Let’s Work Together

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Each person is unique. No healing journey is ever going to follow exactly the same path. What works for one person or couple may not work for another.

This kind of variety - and creativity that it calls for - is one of the things I love most about my work.

While I am trained in several research-based approaches like Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), I’m here to help you get beyond the “usual” scope of therapy.

If you are tired of cookie cutter approaches to healing and you’re ready for something as unique as you, let’s schedule a free consultation. We’ll see what works for you and if we’re a fit to work together.

Let’s create a custom healing journey tailored exactly to you and your individuality.

What might your journey look like?

While I offer traditional therapy methods that include couples and individual therapy - which I highly encourage and value - I am also an advocate for getting off the couch and out into the world and into our bodies for some seriously radical healing.

I use all the tools I’ve gathered over years of study and personal experience to help you on your journey to becoming your best self. Meditation and mindfulness practices are foundational to the work. As a Qoya teacher, I offer movement classes for women that are designed to help participants embody a deep sense of feminine awakening.

Though true, lasting healing is rarely easy and there may be tears from time to time, it’s my hope that the journey is marked by joy and laughter too.

So what will our work look like?

Regular Sessions

Along with my regular therapy sessions, we can schedule activities and experiences to enhance your growth. This can include therapy at the park, horseback riding, ziplining with your partner - whatever inspires you! We can plan fun, adventurous therapy sessions that still feel safe and grounding and enhance the work we do in my office.
Therapy for Women: 1 hour @ $200
Couples Therapy: 1 hour 15 minutes @ $295
Couples Therapy for One: 1 hour @ $200

Immersion Sessions

Immersion sessions are great for folks who are too busy to commit to a weekly visit or are anticipating an upcoming life event such as a wedding or a move. I offer 3 hour or 6 hour sessions for both individuals and couples, as well as a combo package for a couple that also wants to do some individual work.
Individuals: 3 hours = $555, 6 hours = $1050
Couples: 3 hours = $840, 6 hours = $1595
Combo: 4 hours Couples + 2 hours Individual = $1380

Soul Coaching

Interested in alternative methods for introspection and healing? Erin offers online coaching sessions that accommodate your schedule and focus on your desire to do the soul work that changes your life.

Single sessions: $200
Inquire about customized package pricing.