Let’s talk… And then, let’s do the healing that goes beyond words

Talk therapy is powerful. I believe it changes lives. And I also believe that we are more than the words we use to describe our state of mind.

We are body. We are spirit. Each one of us is a collage of dreams and energy that just can’t be expressed with everyday language.

And, all too often, our pain and our unresolved trauma lives in the place beyond words too.

When you come to see me, I invite you to tell me your stories. I will also help you find nonverbal ways to feel and express yourself when it feels like there is nothing more to say.

Coming to my office is often the first step in the healing journey

Often I hear myself telling people “I’m not your mama’s therapist.” What does that mean, really?

It means that I am a therapist (an experienced, well-trained one because that sort of thing does matter). We’re going to do a lot of talking things through, and that often means sitting face-to-face.

Then, we’ll draw on a whole world of wisdom, experience, and supporting modalities to help you get out of your head and into your body. That’s where the real, lasting healing needs to happen.

Maybe you’ll start to experiment in the sand tray where you can create a visual representation of your inner world. We might pull out the art supplies so you can express yourself in color and shape, letting the brush speak for you when you cannot find the words.

It might mean leaving the office all together. We can have sessions in the park, at the horse stables, or even at your home from time to time. (I love to visit couples at home to see how your conflict, misunderstandings, and chances to repair unfold in your real-life environment.)