Soul Coaching

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You’ve done therapy. You know who you are and what you need to work on. You have healed much of your past.

Now your soul is calling you on a path and you’re drawn to take the next step.

You know it’s the moment to make a real shift and evolve beyond what you already know and deepen your spiritual relationship with yourself.

You want to be more daring, more passionate, more in alignment with the wisdom of your soul. You want to discover your own unique blueprint for how you are meant to contribute joyously to this world.

You long to discover your inner creatrix, who knows who she is and creates with wild abandon.

You want to live intuitively, courageously and in deep alignment with your sou..

You’re interested in the “woo,” buy you haven’t found your way into the magical and mystical world you crave. And you want to do it in a way that feels true to you. You are looking to hone in on your intuition, embrace the spiritual connection between the mind and body, and start implementing rituals into your life that feel sacred, fun and healing.

What if you could truly connect with the divine within?

What would emerge if you could partner with someone who takes a practical and exciting approach to the mystical truths that support your life?

Through our our work together, I will help you to live creatively, wildly, and honestly.

I’ll help you dance in the fullest expression of yourself and step into your power.

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I am a known lover of the “woo,” and as a licensed therapist, I know how effective it can be to tie together both sides of the brain for deeper self-exploration and growth. Even the most self-proclaimed “rational people” thrive when they get in touch with the mystery.

Some of the things we will blend into our sessions include:

  • empowering embodiment practices

  • grounding meditations

  • energy clearing

  • daily and seasonal ritual practices

  • mindfulness practices

  • relationship alignment coaching

  • self-love practices

  • dream work



Erin offers one-time coaching sessions for $200 as well as customized discounted packages.

Is Soul Coaching the next step in your journey? Let’s talk about what you need to expand into your fullest self.